1. the state of being a father.

38 days left until my sons original due date. 38. Days. (Sarah is currently measuring 2 weeks ahead so I guess he could come in 19 days. )

19 or 38, or 180 days…I sit here, in my dark living room (with the air cranked up because Sarah is at work – love ya babe) and wonder –  am I ready? Are we ready? Is the house ready? Is his room ready? Is my bank account ready? So  many things to get “ready” for.

The house may still need some organizing, and the bank account could use an extra zero, but I think we are ready.

We are ready to be the best parents possible.

I specifically am ready to be the best father possible.

I am ready to selflessly love my son, from the moment he takes his first breath, and until I take my last.

I heard yesterday that a dad who was not very talkative decided to write letters to his unborn son. Well, I don’t mind talking – but I sure do love writing. So…here goes nothin’.

Dear Son,

From the moment we found out we were pregnant I prayed for it to be a boy – and look where we are now!

You will be here before we know it and I cannot wait to meet you! I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and look down at your beautiful face.

I am a little late to this writing you letters thing and I can’t promise I’ll get to write another one before you comes so I’ll tell ya what –  in case I don’t get to, here are some things I promise to do as your Daddy:

  1. I promise to love you unconditionally. This mean no matter what you do/say or decide to be I will always love you.
  2. I promise to not make the same mistakes my father did.
  3. I promise to be silly all the time so you know it is OK to have fun.
  4. I promise to cry when I am happy or sad so you know it is OK to show emotion.
  5. I promise to love and cherish your mother so you know how to treat those you love.
  6. I promise to read to you as much as I can. Books will transport you to new i worlds and I hope you love them as much as I do.
  7. I promise to always make time for you –  no matter how tired I am!

Ya know kid, I could go on and on with my promises. Bottom line is this: I promise to be the best dad possible and do everything in my power to help you succeed.

Love you always and forever,



Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow

I’ve had many people ask my why I haven’t blogged in a while.

“Where have you been?” they ask.

By many people I mean 2, one being my wife.

But I realize it has been forever since I blogged…like fo’eva. Sheesh! Trust me when I say that I have missed it! A LOT of Moments have occurred. Some sad and some really awesome!

Let me recap real quick…lets start in October.


I am sure that a lot happened during this month but SOMETHING HUGE HAPPENED that tops EVERYTHING. Sarah and I found that we pregnant! I’m going to be a Dad. Holy shit…I am going to be a Dad. Holy fuck I am doing to be a Dad!


  • AKA First attempt at NaNoWriMo
  • AKA Failing NaNo
  • AKA watching my friend Heather totally CRUSH NaNo! Go Heather!
  • Some other random crap…
  • Did I mention I am going to be a FATHER?!


  • Sarah graduated Nursing school! Hot dog! I am beyond proud of her! She worked her booty off to make this dream come true!
  • I started seeing a therapist
  • Oh yeah…and Christmas.


  • Birthdays! I turned 28 and Sarah turned 31. We spent it with friends and family and at bowling alley. Lots of fun!


  • Sarah started her new role at Mt. Carmel as an RN in the Observation Unit
  • I GOT A NEW JOB! After months of misery I landed a dream position as a Systems Analyst at Thirty-One Gifts. For those who know me I worked there 5 years prior. Great place to work and my boss is AWESOME! (Michelle I hope you are reading this)
  • We threw a surprise party for my brother who turned 30! Woot!
  • Big Fancy Dinner with Katy and Samra at Eddie Merlots. Delish! Best carrot cake in the world!


  • Maizey and Winston had Easter pictures
  • Busy, busy, busy transitioning into our new jobs.

Finally, on to April!

  • We are 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow! 8 more weeks to go!
  • We had our baby shower –  great time with friends and family. Katy and Samra killed it!
  • First baby class where we learned that we already know a crap ton and are going to be fucking amazing parents….obvi.
  • Maizey turns 4 on the 26th! My little girl!! 😥
  • 57 days until our son is here!
  • We officially paid off the delivery fee for our son. No repo’n our baby!
  • We leave for our final vacation as three this Friday! Gatlinburg, TN here we come!

Welp. I think you are all caught up now. I promise it won’t be as long in between posts. I’ve missed you guys. ❤


A Cake From New York

Today marks 7 years of marriage for Sarah and I! Even though we have been together for over a decade, it still feels like yesterday that we fell in love. 

I’ve written other sappy posts about my best friend, so I’ll keep it short and summarize our relationship by saying this: 

We have been through it all. Thick and thin. For richer and poorer. We have come so far in life together and we will only go farther. Together we will conquer our hopes, dreams and maybe the world. I love you Sarah Elizabeth Newton!

Now let’s talk about the title of this post. A Cake From New York. 

I work with some amazing people, one being Nancy Bryant, who I have talked about before. She has become a great friend and my “mom” while I am at work. She makes sure I am fed and always has candy around for me I need to stress eat. 🙂 

Another, who I won’t name just incase they are apart of the witness protection program, recently started at my company and is all around a nice guy. Now I don’t know much about him nor does he know much about me, but he still took it upon himself, in cahoots with Nancy, to make our wedding anniversary special. 

Though I don’t know much about him I do know he has an affinity for sweets. This is one subject that he and I can agree on. One day I was raving about a bakery in Cincinnati and he mentioned a really good him in New York where he is from. He went on to say that when his parent visit they typically bring him something from there and when they come next he will make sure to let me try something. Uhhhh. Sign me up. 

Little did I know that this “something for you to try” would end up being a gorgeously decorated cake for Sarah and I! 

Almond buttercream icing covered a moist yellow cake. Talk about salivating. This thing was amazing. 

I still do not know all of the details but I do know that two very thoughtful people took time out of their busy lives to make our anniversary special. For that I am very grateful!

See Sarah, we can have our cake and eat it too!

The 50/50 Rule

Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational.

-Hugh Mackay

I don’t know everything about relationships, nor do I claim to be an expert, but I like to think that I do have some things figured out – and relationships are one of them. I also don’t sit behind my keyboard thinking I do relationships perfectly. I mess up. We all do. The money is when you can find value in those imperfect moments. The thought process that I am about to introduce can be applied to any type of relationship, but I will focus on one between a married couple.
I also must preface this post by admitting that I didn’t just wake up and have this concept figured out. A very good friend told Sarah and I this once, and it has stuck ever since!

OK… * drum roll * here it is: 

Relationships can be 80/20. They can be 70/30. Hell at times they can be 90/10. But what they can’t be is 100/0, nor can they be anything other than 50/50 for very long. 

Let me unpack this, ok? There are going to be times when a party in the relationship needs to be weak and not carry their weight. Thus, there are times when the other party is going to have to carry all of the weight! That. Is. Ok. What is NOT ok is when one member of the relationship is forced to ALWAYS carry all of the weight. 

Like the moon, relationships will wane and wax, but they must always become whole again for things to work out!

Like I said this concept can be applied to any type of relationship. Take a platonic friendship for example. Let’s imagine that you are the friend that always invites the other person to do things, or always initiates the conversation. You are giving 100%. The other person rarely accepts, and sometimes doesn’t even answer! They are giving 0%. Zilch. Notta. Nothing. 

I bet Mr. 100 sure feels pretty shitty. This type of relationship will never work. Eventually Mr. 100 will give up and move on. 

I’ll also bet that it didn’t take you long to imagine yourself as Mr. 100. I’ll raise my bet by saying that you could also play the role of Mr. Zero. We all do it. 

Now Sarah and I are more than friends so let’s get back to that. 

There has been plenty of times when one of us is weak and has to be carried by the other. There are also times when we are both weak and are just barely holding each other up. 

Again – That. Is. Ok. 

The scales of a relationship can tip in anyone favor periodically, as long as they come back to center eventually. 

Now don’t be fooled into thinking that Sarah and I are just the perfect couple and have it all figured out. Hell. No. 

But as I said in the beginning – The money is when you can find value in those imperfect moments. Those moments of weakness. Those moments when you have to carry your partner through hell, holding on to the thought that they would do the same for you. 

Never Have I Ever pt. 2

I thought it was time for another round of Never Have I Ever. What have you never done??

Never have I ever Stole something with a higher value than $10: HAVE

Never have I ever Really liked a song by Justin Bieber: HAVE…many times. 

Never have I ever done a handstand with one hand: NEVER! I can even do one with both hands!

Never have I ever Gone to the bathroom and then not wash my hands: HAVE. I know…I’m dirty. 

Never have I ever Swam naked in a pool / beach: HAVE. I’m so scandalous!🤓

Never have I ever Smoked marijuana: NEVER

Never have I ever Escaped from class: HAVE. I am so rebellious! I went to the library when I wasn’t supposed to! 😱

My Top 5 Regrets…so far. 

We all have things we regret. We regret we didn’t say something or we regret not doing that one thing. Some regrets are small, trivial even, while some are life altering. 

I am still young and bound to have more regrets as I age, but here are my Top 5 so far. 

  1. I regret not going to senior prom. Sarah and I were about a year into our relationship at time and due to the age difference she wasn’t allowed to attend. Hindsight I wish I would have gone, just to say I did. This is for sure a trivial regret!
  2. I regret not getting to know Sarah’s dad more. Doug and I had a rocky relationship. Mostly due to the fact that I operate with a “burn me too many times and I’ll drop you like a bad habit” attitude. This is certainly a life changing regret. I’ll never get that time back. My hard heart attitude is something I am working on, but it’s hard! You could say my abnormal super power is the ability to just shut people off if I feel it’s necessary. I know that sounds horrible! But….I’m working on it. 
  3. I regret not going to college directly after high school. Even though this is a regret, this was also something that wasn’t completely in my control!
  4. I regret making excuses and not sticking to the diet and exercise regimen that I put into place 3 years ago. I have gained every single pound I lost (and then some) back. 3 years ago I was the happiest, and lightest, I have EVER been. I still continue to make excuse after excuse. Consiquently I continue to slip deeper and deeper into the dark void of depression. At the current point in my life, this is my largest regret.
  5. I regret taking sooooo damn long to finally stick up for myself! Saying no, putting my foot down, not letting others walk all over me, etc. etc. I was a doormat at times. Part of this had a lot to do with how I gauged my self worth. I used to think I was worth nothing. I of course still have moments of weakness and flash back to this way of thinking, but overall I have done a much better job. 

I need a Pepsi after that one…

So what about you? What are things you regret?

July 4th

July 4, 1776 was the birth of the United States as an independent nation. 

Celebrate as you wish but I am choosing to showcase some awesome photographs of things that remind me of the USA. 

I take no credit for these photographs. All images shown were collected from Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/). Do yourself a favor and check them out!

The Fool Who Ripped His Pants

Does anyone remember that Spongebob Squarepants number one hit, The Fool Who Ripped His Pants?


Well I feel as if that song was written just for me. In the past year I have ripped the crouch out of 4 pairs of pants! Twice during work!

Let me sing the songs of my people and tell you about my pants ripping woes.

Rip Incident 1
I had just recently started my current job and was asked to run out and get new batteries for a UPS. For my non techy readers, UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply. Kinda like a generator but not as powerful. These things are VERY heavy. At work, we have units that are a couple hundred pounds. I made it to Batteries Plus without an issue and got the unit into the store unscathed. All was well, until I was getting BACK into the car to return to work. As I was getting into my car I heard a bone chilling ripping sound! Sure enough, my pants had blew, laying my undergarments to bare. Thankfully I never go commando. Now what was I to do? Thankfully I work in Columbus where there is not shortage of stores, so I headed to the mall to buy some new pants! This little rip wasn’t just a small little tear that can be covered up. It was a gaping hole in my crouch! I shuffled my way into JC Penny’s trying to conceal myself as best as possible. Cock shot, aisle 10. I finally made it to the men’s department and grabbed a pair of pants. Thankfully now I had something to hide behind! I purchased the pants and kindly asked the lady if I could just wear them out of the store. She stood their puzzled but finally agreed after I explained the gargantuan hole. With new pants and my goodies now covered, I made it back to work. Whew.

Rip Incident 2
The next public display of nudity also happened while at work but this time I wasn’t away from the office. I think it’s important to note that on this particular day I was wearing my favorite pair of navy pants. I was making my way back to my desk after helping someone, plopped down into my desk chair, and BAM. My favorite navy pants betrayed me and ripped. Once again I found myself with a hole in my crouch. I am a voyeurs delight! Thankfully this time I lived much closer to work and was able to run home and change. Also thankfully my office is very close to an exit so I made it out of the building unscathed.

Side note – I am still sad about those pants!

Rip Incident 3 – 4
The last two incidents are less eventful as they both happened either as I got into my car to leave work or as I got into my car going to work. Both episodes ended with my trashing the pants and sulking. Lots of sulking.

What I Have I Learned
Perhaps it is time to buy pants from another store!

This Too Shall Pass

I’m writing this with a very heavy heart. 

Those that I love and care for dearly are going through the worst of times. 

Siblings and spouses are passing. Relationships are ending.

Hearts are breaking. 

But this too shall pass. 

You feel as if your life is over. 

But this too shall pass. 

One friend said to me “I feel like I have to completely start over with my life.”

Wouldn’t that be nice if you could?

I explained to her that your life isn’t over, you don’t have to go back to the beginning of the game board. You are merely taking a detour. 

I have come to learn that life is a never ending winding road of highways and byways. Detours and dead ends. 

Planning for life is important, sure. But being prepared for the detours is even more important. 

My 5 year plan was derailed 2 years ago and it still continues to change, just as the seasons do.

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. Now, you may not know what that reason is for a while, but be patient!

Eventually the reason will be revealed and your pain and strife will all be worth it. 

There is no growth without change, no change without fear or loss and no loss without pain.

Rick Warren

Keep your chin up for this too shall pass. 

Never Have I Ever


1) Never have I ever called in sick to work because I was hungover.  I’ve never been hungover but I have certainly said I was sick when I wasn’t!

2) Never have I ever had a near death experience. DONE THAT!

3) Never have I ever flashed a bartender for a free drink. NEVER

4) Never have I ever called someone the wrong name during sex. NEVER

5) Never have I ever made out with a stranger. NEVER

6) Never have I ever eaten food out of a trash can. NEVER –  but I thought about it when I saw that half eaten pretzel at the ball field!

7) Never have I ever considered moving because of the election. DONE THAT!

8) Never have I ever talked to myself out loud in public. DONE THAT! Do this ALLLL the time. Mostly its me saying “What the fuck?!”

9) Never have I ever farted in public, smelt it, and enjoyed it. DONE THAT!

10) Never have I ever lied about my “number” to avoid judgement. NEVER. My number is 1. Uno. Un. Eins.

11) Never have I ever given or received a lap dance. DONE THAT!

12) Never have I ever slept with my best friend. DONE THAT! Calm down folks… my best friend is my wife!

13) Never have I ever sent a dirty text to the wrong person. DONE THAT!

14) Never have I ever made out while listening to Nickleback. DONE THAT!

15) Never have I ever peed myself in public as an adult. DONE THAT! Shit myself too…